The statutory provisions governing operation and use of power generation plants and systems have changed tremendously in recent decades. These changes have had far-reaching implications, particularly commercial, for power plant operators. Should the German Federal Control of Pollution Act (BimSchG)/Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA Luft) be tightened again, operators and planners will once again face a challenge. Many legacy plants will require upgrading at short notice.


At the same time, these changes may be advantageous for both the environment and the companies concerned, since any improvement required in the interests of the climate also presents an opportunity for the profitability of a plant to be enhanced. Furthermore, upgrading always means greater flexibility. Scope for such improvements can be found in many areas, such as the fuel portfolio, operating mode, use of personnel, use of equipment, and the form of energy offtake.

Individual SPS solutions

Each power system is unique. Often however, upgrades are performed without appropriate attention being paid to the control systems used. Custom PLC solutions are essential for efficient and flexible operation, particularly when inhomogeneous fuels are used, such as biomass. Other power systems and power plant types also benefit from such solutions, however.

Extension and retrofitting

ADITOR provides operators and planners with finely tuned electronic solutions, whether during upgrading of a power system or component retrofits. Our expertise naturally includes producing electrical concepts for new power generation projects such as geothermal or distributed power generation plants.


In our support for the electrical systems of power plants, we bring both scientific and practical expertise to bear. A special service we provide is modelling of a "digital twin" for optimization and technical support of your power generation plant over its entire mission life. Computer simulation enables plant builders and operators to plan precisely from the outset, and facilitates subsequent modifications. The digital twin enables valuable data to be obtained for overhauls, improvements and upgrades. It provides the assurance that your system fully satisfies all statutory and commercial requirements.


Dr.-Ing. Uwe Schneider is an expert in energy research with ten years' experience as a power systems consultant in Germany and elsewhere.


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